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Alfie and Bella Pet Supplies

Laughing Dog, Oven Baked Traditional Mixer Meal

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Made to the original 1936 Laughing Dog recipe, our natural oven-baked Traditional Mixer Meal for dogs is the perfect accompaniment to raw diets as well as cooked meat. Complementary pet food for dogs which can be fed alongside tripe, raw, freshly cooked or canned meat, or you can feed with our own delicious and nutritious Laughing Dog wet adult completes .

Alternatively, you can simply mix with warm water to make a fluffy porridge for your four-legged friend!

As this mixer meal is gently oven-baked, the biscuits are extra crisp and crunchy, which is great for helping to keep teeth clean and breath fresh, as well as helping to slow down fast eaters. A complementary pet food for dogs.

Endorsed by The Canine Epilepsy Support Group: "We are happy to endorse Laughing Dog Traditional Mixer Meal as part of an epileptic dog's diet, as many of our members have had good results where careful attention to feeding has led to a reduction in the frequency of their dog's seizures."

Made on our farm with 100% British Wheatm