Keeping your dog cool this summer



Summer is here, and wherever you and your pooch are choosing to enjoy the warmth, it is important to keep them cool. So here we’ve compiled 6 top tips on how to keep your furry friends comfortable this summertime.


  1. Plan your walks or doggy outings to be in the early morning or evening to avoid the midday sun. This is important not only so your dogs don’t overheat but also because the pavement can get very hot. Test the pavement by holding your hand on it for 5 seconds - if its to hot for you it’s too hot for your dogs paws. Always bring water with you, our travel bowls make this easy. 

dog walking summer

  1. Always make sure your dog has access to drinking water, having multiple bowls is a good idea and making sure outdoor water bowls are in the shade is likely to keep the water cooler for longer. Adding ice cubes to your dogs water bowl can also help cool them down.

dog water bowl drinking

  1. Another way of cooling your pup down is by covering them with a wet or damp towel, this will help lower their body temperature. Alternatively, there are products your dog can wear which are specifically designed to cool them down. For example, our cooling vest or ice bandana is activated by dipping in cold water and will help keep your dog cooler for longer.
       dog wearing hurt cooling vest  
    dog wearing ice bandana   
  2. Making frozen treats for your furry friends also helps cool them down. Freezing their water bowls with some treats in will help with cooling them and with boredom.  Lickimats can be frozen with any treats spread on them and Kongs also freeze well with some tasty Kong filling inside - keeping your dog entertained and stimulated for ages. It’s important on especially hot days to use more of your pups mental energy instead of physical so they don’t overheat.
    dog playing with kong   
  3. Our freezable bone and ball toys are a great for keeping your dog cool and are water activated. Check them out here!

  4. Another way of making sure your dog stays cool is through regular grooming. Getting rid of that excess fur will allow your dog to cool quicker and prevent heat from becoming trapped.

dog with fur

Dogs more at risk of overheating are those with flat faces or short muzzles, older or very young dogs, dark coloured or furrier and overweight dogs.

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