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Silver Lining, Howick Gumboot

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The Howick Gumboot is made with a waterproof PVC toffee sole and black PVC recycled upper, lined with a soft sock. It has a comfortable insole and our unique silver cloud stud and handmade leather label are attached to the outside. This gumboot has a tan leather buckle trim at the top of the gumboot, for added sophistication.

Size Guideline

We recommend choosing a size up as the fit is snug.

The opening of the gumboot (where you put your foot in)

Size 4: 37cm 

Size 5: 38cm 

Size 6: 38,5cm 

Size 7: 39cm  

Size 8: 40cm

Boot Height 39cm


Foot Length (length of the insole)

Size 4: 23cm 

Size 5: 24cm

Size 6: 25cm

Size 7: 26cm

Size 8: 27cm