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Royal Canin, Mini, Digestive Care

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Mini Digestive Care

Mini Digestive Care feeding guide

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Mini Digestive Care Mini Digestive Care feeding guide

Mini Digestive Care

Dry, Dog

For adult dogs with a tendency to digestive sensitivity Up to 10 kg

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Digestive sensitivity can been identified in dogs as loose, smelly or large volume stools. Other signs might include digestive discomfort, flatulence or needing to defecate multiple times in short period eg on a single walk. ROYAL CANIN® Digestive Care Mini's formula includes a balanced mix of soluble and insoluble fibre including prebiotics, to help support intestinal transit and promote a healthy gut flora. ROYAL CANIN® uses only very high quality proteins, to provide all the essential amino acids needed by your dog in a highly digestible format. Years of experience and continuous improvement ensure that we can be proud of our manufacturing as well as our ingredients. Our smart cooking technique ensures that our ingredients are precisely processed for easy digestion; ensure that the all-important nutrients are readily available and promoting ideal stool quality. Don't just take our word for it, ROYAL CANIN® Digestive Care Mini boasts up to 92% optimal stool quality in dogs exclusively fed Digestive Care.* ROYAL CANIN® Digestive Care is now available as dry kibble and loaf in pouch formats. Providing complete and balanced nutrition when fed individually or in combination. Please follow the feeding guidelines based on your dog's ideal adult bodyweight; mixed feeding and individual guides available. Suitable for adult small breed dogs (up to 10kgs) with a tendency to digestive sensitivity.