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Orbiloc, The Safety Light, Service Kit

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The Orbiloc Safety Kit provides an affordable and efficient way to keep your Orbiloc Safety Light shining brightly for 100 hours steady-on and 250 hours flashing. The Orbiloc Service Kit includes a pre-wrapped battery pack of two CR2032 batteries, an O-ring lubricated with Silicone and a Service Tool to tighten/untighten the Safety Light with.

The O-ring is crucial for the Orbiloc Safety Lights to remain waterproof down t0 100 meters. We recommend replacing the O-ring every time you replace the battery pack to ensure that the Orbiloc Safety Light stays waterproof.

If your Orbiloc Safety Light is used in wet environments (swimming, kayak etc.) the O-ring has to be lubricated regularly. If you use your Orbiloc Safety Light when diving we recommend that you clean the O-ring before and after every dive, and lubricate the O-ring before every dive. You can advantageously save the sealed silicone bag to lubricate the O-ring.