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LickiMat, Slomo, Red

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A fresh and innovative new approach to keeping dogs and cats amused and entertained while you are away LickiMat SLOMO Feeder Mat has been designed with to prevent boredom, anxiety, loneliness and potential destructive behaviour caused by these emotional states and is the ideal design for soft or dry food and to slow down eating.

Enriching your pet's environment is essential for their health and wellbeing. Dogs and cats love to lick and engage with food, with increasing licking encouraging the release of endorphins which relaxes and satisfies your pet. A simple yet innovative range of effective boredom busting solutions the LickiMat collection is perfect for spreading with your dog or cat's favourite soft treat encouraging them to merrily lick away. This keeps them satisfied, occupied and engaged in healthy and stimulating activity to improve their wellbeing and ensure a rewarding and beneficial challenge they'll keep coming back to for more. It's also great as a slow feeder for pets helping to prevent bloat