Caring for your dog during a heatwave

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We all love enjoy and taking advantage of these great long summer days, adventuring with our best adventuring buddies by our side.
To help keep things safe and enjoyable, particularly during strong heatwaves, we have curated a list of care considerations.
Know the signs, have a great time and share your epic adventure photos (or just chillin') with us, we'd love to see em!
Our top tips to help keep them cool;
  • Restrict exercise
  • Never leave in car, hot room or sun trap
  • Ensure drinking water and shaded spot is always available
  • Walk early in the morning or late in evening
  • Spray with cool water
  • Steps to take if you’re worried your dog has heat stroke;
  • Move somewhere cool
  • Offer small amounts of tepid water
  • Soak the hair coat with cool (but never, ever cold) running water
  • Place in breeze of a fan
  • Contact your vet or out of hours vet immediately
Post in the comments any other tips you have that we might have missed!
Or check out our full range of treats and accessories designed to help your dog keep cool this summer.
Thanks for reading, Alfie and Bella Pet Supplies - Bristol.
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